PCDN Career Series

Building a career of impact, paying one’s bills and finding the support one needs to not burn out can be hard. Creating change in the world ain’t always easy. We know this from our own respective experience working more than 20 years in diverse social change sectors. Sometimes one’s path isn’t clear, at other times the work or the world’s problems may be too overwhelming.

Beginning in 2017, we started a yearly career series to provide key guidance on how to advance a career of change. Building on our own experience and drawing in many leading social sector organizations and individuals from around the world, we have helped many people navigate the path to impact.

For 2018 Our Career Series Focus is on the Future of Work in Social Change. We are doing a deep dive to explore the emerging trends in the future of work and what this means for individuals and organizations in the social good field. Want to participate or learn more, click below. Interested in suggesting a topic, exploring potential contribution or something along this way, contact us

Our 2017 career series focused on the nuts & bolts of building a career a change. This includes everything from developing an amazing resume, how to approach a job search, building networks, how to find the right organization’s, how to navigate periods of unemployment, whether to do grad school or not and much more. We produced (in partnership with a wonderful group of leading social sector organizations and individuals) almost 50 blog post, 10+ webinars and more. The content is truly amazing. Click here or below to see more.